Telephone Pay Service

Telephone Pay is a system of instant payment for goods ande services. It works like a debit card with exception that users of the system do not carry any cards with them. Another difference from debit cards is that the code is generated uniquely for each operation and expires immediately after the purchase was completed or after a short period if it was not used. The originated payment can only be used by the intended recipient. All communications go exclusively over encrypted secure channels and employs many layers of protection. All this makes it much more secure than plastic cards, bank checks and cash and in many cases is simpler to use. You can pay for goods and services at participating retailers by generating the code on the spot using your smart phone. The seller scans the screen of your smart phone and you are done. In case you do not have a smart phone you can print a payment voucher at home and bring it to the seller or send it using Telephone Pay communication mechanism or however you choose. High security and convenience of the system is combined with great incentives both for sender and recipients of the payments. All byers get 1.05% back on all purchases. The cashback is available immediately. We charge the sellers commission of 1.49% without minimal limit, which in many cases is more attractive than credit card fees. Most of the commission goes towards the cash back to the buyers. In the end buyers can spend more money at the participating retailers and everyone wins.

Please check out our Buyers and Merchants sections to get some more information. We hope you give it a try and like it.